Online streaming of the IV National Expert Forum. Panel "Administration decentralisation"

News portal LB.ua is conducting a live online broadcast of the IV Expert Forum "From Revolution to a new country". Panel - "ADMINISTRATION DECENTRALISATION. A tool to preserve the country or a communications trick?"

The Forum is organized by the Gorshenin Institute.

Issues for discussion:

• Prospective for the constitutional reform;

• Is the decentralization an effective response to the challenges and the threat to Ukraine’s integrity?

• Real notion of the term “administration decentralization”. What are the powers that the local authorities need to work efficiently?

• Governors election: pros and cons.


Volodymyr Hroysman (vice-prime minister for regional policy, former mayor of Vinnytsia);

Andriy Sadovyi (mayor of Lviv);

David Zhvania (member of the Ukrainian Parliament, head of the Parliamentary committee for state building and local governance);

Anatoliy Girshfeld (member of the Ukrainian Parliament, president of UPEK industrial group);

Stephan Meuser (director of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung regional office in Kyiv).

Panel moderated by: Oleksiy Reznikov, lawyer, member of the Kyiv City Council.

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